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Apr 23, 2020

This week is a solo show. Using an article from a book that I am currently writing, Have You Ever Been Struck By Lightning looks at turning your misfortunes that seem come from elsewhere into advantages. 

Apr 11, 2020

Today I interview Geoff Robb who is a Classical Guitarist and composer who talks about his work.

Geoff's story is very interesting and he shares insights into how he developed his career by observation and commitment. There is much to take away from this interview especial at a time when many of us need inspiring. 


Apr 7, 2020

The episode is and interview with Alex Tomkins, actor and musician.

Alex has been in the West End productions of The Commitments and played Dewey in The School of Rock 

Lots in here about being a professional actor in musician at the top and he makes it all sound very simple and relaxed! 

Great fun. 

Apr 7, 2020

In this episode I am interviewing Denise Greenwood who is a guitarist, bass player and successful teacher 

Denise has an interesting story to tell about the bands that she has been in and musicians egos and many other things

you can contact Denise at...

Apr 2, 2020

Tom Knight is a Singer Guitarist and Keyboard player who has lots of tricks up his sleeve. Have a listen to how diverse his work is which should give listeners many ideas for their own work 

You can contact Tom on