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May 29, 2022

Jez Hughes Shamanism, Author of Wisdom of Mental Illness, Huichol Mexico

Today on the podcast I am talking to the author of 'The Wisdom of Mental Illness'

Jez studied Shamanism intensively for over twenty years. Yet, his healing journey began thirty years ago when, as a teenager, he experienced a fit that propelled him...

May 23, 2022

Shaun Baxter B.A (Hons). ILTHE. M.Mus (Dist).

Apart from being a player of international renown, Shaun Baxter is the UK’s most experienced and respected rock guitar teacher. He was a founder member of The Guitar Institute in London in 1986 (a partner of The London College of Music), where he taught every week for...

May 14, 2022

How to make money from music, how to price your worth, and how to quantify your work.

In this episode I am walking from Battle to Westfield in Sussex in the UK. I reflect on the episode with Bob Morrell about the arts and pricing and what skills we have as musicians and artists. So how we price what we do, how to...

May 7, 2022

Bob Morrell, Sales Trainer, Executive Coach, Conference Speaker, Podcast Host and Writer

I am speaking to Bob Morrell in this episode about Bobs early life as an actor and then his journey to running his company Reality Training (and his spell as a rock star vocalist. )

There is so much content about getting your...