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Jun 25, 2022

Aoife Anastasia Nally

Aoife Anastasia Nally is an artist, performer, and theatre producer, who for the last few decades has been performing in the West End, London, but is currently based in rural Ontario, Canada. Today we discuss her research into the cursed play ‘The Spancel of Death' penned by her Great Uncle T.H....

Jun 18, 2022

What is it about Enlightenment

Following on from the previous episode entitled Genetic Thinking, I explore the way that ideas are baked into the culture and its thinking.

I look at the term enlightenment and how that has been used by the Catholics against the Pagans, the Protestants against the Catholics, the...

Jun 11, 2022

Steve King The Superdep Bassist

“This is Steve. Steve plays bass. Steve sings a bit as well.”

…Of course, that’s what he would have you believe but there is considerably more to him than that. Steve King has been a freelance musician and in “the business” for close to 30 years now and has built a reputation...

Jun 4, 2022

Genetics of thinking

Today I'm pondering 'the wisdom of mental illness' from the shamanic culture's point of view.

I'm referring to the interview I did with Jez Hughes and how we pay for things later in Western society. In contrast, they pay for things upfront by ritualistic practice in more ancient cultures.

How is it...