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Mar 25, 2023

Miles Grindey Guitarist

I am talking to Miles about guitar playing, recording and  his collection of Tokai guitars.

Miles Grindey was born and raised in Warsash, a small village in South Hampshire, UK. In 2016 he joined The Bones And Arrows where the band recorded the Bones and Arrows EP, writing solos for “Slow...

Mar 18, 2023

Charlie Robinson Rock Guitarist Guitar Tech Blacklight Vice

Charlie Robinson, Southampton based, blues influenced rock guitarist of the heavy hard rock 5-piece Blacklight Vice.

Charlie’s musical journey started from a very young age in Maidstone Kent, a country boy turned South Coast Les Paul Slinger.

Playing in bands...

Mar 11, 2023

When less is more

There is an adage in the musical community that is an accurate scale of one's creativity. "Less is more".

We overcomplicate things. It seems that the most effective way, through my experience, is to question whether you need something. Can you drop something out of the equation? Does that...

Mar 4, 2023

Alexandre Tilmans Entrepreneur Baz-Art South African Street Artists


Alexandre Tilmans is the Director and Co-founder of Baz-Art, and has numerous years of business expertise running a thriving internationally active arts organisation.

Baz-Art’s annual flagship event is Africa’s largest public art festival - the...