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Dec 16, 2023

In a second replaying of Matt Ogden's Christmas podcast with me. Enjoy Matt's wonderful comic episode. 

Joseph of Nazareth Carpenter, Saint, Father, and Protector of Virgins In a special Christmas edition, I have the pleasure and the honour to speak to Joseph of Nazareth Joseph speaks about being a Carpenter in a Roman province and the pluses and minuses that affords him. He spent some time talking about the lineage and a little bit about the life of his famous son. According to the Matthew's Gospel, Joseph agonized over Mary's apparently illegitimate pregnancy but protected her and the unborn Jesus by accepting her as his wife after an angel appeared to him in a dream and directed him to do so. Receiving rich presents from mysterious eastern magi at Bethlehem after Jesus' birth, he then fled to Egypt to avoid the wrath of Herod the Great, returning to the land of Israel after Herod's death and settling in Nazareth. In Luke's account, Joseph travels to Bethlehem for a census and returns to Nazareth without going to Egypt, after presenting Jesus publicly in the Temple of Jerusalem. Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and new year To support the podcast and get access to features about guitar playing and song writing visit and also news for all the creative music that we do at Bluescamp UK and France visit For details of the Ikaro music charity visit Big thanks to Josh Ferrara for the music