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Sep 30, 2023

Steve Niner , Art, Permaculture, Bowie Derek Jarman

Today I'm talking to Steve Niner about his incredibly interesting life this includes working with David Bowie in the Art Lab days, a fight with Hawkwind, living in Notting Hill in the 1960s and going to the first Glastonbury.

We talked Derek Jarman art and gardening...

Sep 23, 2023

Paul Green Music Philosophy Business Consciousness and Magic.

 On today's programme I'll be talking to Paul Green. This is a fantastic chat with Paul that goes very deep and includes the effects of having a superpower of implicit learning and successive approximation! This is the lost wisdom of the ancients. We also...

Sep 16, 2023

How to Bootstrap with No Bootstraps.

Today I reflect on developing an idea whether that's for business or art or both when you have no funds. Even when bootstrapping an idea is difficult because you don't even have any bootstraps.

This comes out of the conversation that I had with two previous podcast interviewees,...

Sep 9, 2023

Walking on sand


This is a short solo show about finding the source of your inspiration. I go to my personal source and explore how that can relax and give space for ideas.

The ideas can be creative or restorative. My personal source will not be yours but the way of finding them might be.


To support the...

Sep 2, 2023

Tommie Kelly on Stuart Wilde, New Age, Occult, Predictions

It is great to have the multitalented Tommie Kelly back on the podcast and today we're talking about Stuart Wilde.

Stuart was one of the biggest and well-known writers in the new age movement back in the 1980s and early 1990s but he's more or less disappeared...